Do you really need protein powder?

28th October 2014

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NO, you dont. Protein powder is a supplement and thats all it is. It does not have special muscle building components that somehow magically make you buff or strong. So why is it when you look around every person has a 5lb bucket of protein powder, well firstly, it adds variety to your nutrition. Protein powders come in a lot of flavours, some good and some just plain nasty. With that said it does add variety to your diet, you can add other other foods to go with it, you can make it creamy, watery, thick whatever you like. Although protein powder by itself does’nt taste the best, the flavours and the vareity of them is what keeps people going back for more. Don't forget protein powder is cheaper and it is much more easier to consume protein powder than it is to eat all that chicken. A drawback of protein powder is the dependance on it.

Nowadays people sprinkle it on their foods just so that they could get their so called daily intake of protein. At the end of the day protein powder is what it is, a "supplement" and not meant to be consumed like it was going out of fashion. So stick to normal whole foods regularly and use your protein powder when you need a bit of variety.