Do you even lift bro?

28th October 2014

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Yes, the worst question to ever go viral. Its the muscle police on the rounds checking to see whether your torn up muscle fibers are growing. But the real question is do you really need to lift?

It is not uncommon to see someone with a chiseled, musclular body not be as strong as they look. Just having a good body is very different from functional fitness. That where calisthenics comes in. an extreme intensity body and mind workout for your soul. Calisthenics is controlling your muscles and holding them for a much longer time than a traditional weighlifting rep. Bruce lee was a practitioner of calisthenics.

If you look at someone who has mastered the art of calisthenics vs traditional weight lifting, you’ll see the how important body and mind connection really is. At the end of the day its the small details that count and not just doing something to acheive a look. So try something new and bring out the big kid in you.