5 Real World Diet Tips

06th December 2014

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Fed up of receiving diet advice from the media or some buff guy at the gym?

Fed up of chicken breast and brocolli all the time?


Well then we have 5 actual real life diet tips for anyone looking to get and remain in shape for the long term.


1. Want to eat out? No problem. Always customize the dish you want to order according to your diet. Restaurants don't actually mind adhering to your requests and giving you what you want.

2. Always keep healthy snacks around. Being able to grab something whenever you feel hungry or have a craving is beneficial to reduce your hunger pangs.

3. Steam your veggies baby. Go out and get a vegetable steamer, not only does it steam your veggies but also retains most of the vegetables nutrients. Ofcourse, the best part is that it makes your veggies taste great.

4. Go fruit yourself. Man has been consuming fruit since the dawn of time. Many fruitarians and scientists argue that humans beings should only be consuming fruit through out the day. Infact there have been actual cases where by consuming fruit, people have been able to cure and get rid of their cancer.

5. The old saying of 6 meals a day will give you a six pack is slowly dying. People are starting to realise that it is the total daily calorie consumpion that determines whether you gain or lose weight. Want a candy bar? Go get it, as long as it fit your macros. Use tools like MyFitnessPal to easily keep track of the calories you intake.