Martial Arts in Dubai

09th December 2014

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With the rise and success of the UFC, martial arts in the U.A.E has seen a boom in the number of people wanting to learn and practice these type of disciplines. The UFC has made such an impact on the region that Flash Entertainment, an Abu Dhabi  Company has acquired a 10% stake in the Las Vegas firm.

Abu Dhabi is known for their legendary world jiu jitsu tournaments and also contributes alot to the jiu jitsu community.

With all the hype, martial arts and combat sports have trickled down to Dubai. From Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Karate, Aikido and much more. Dubai has seen major fitness franchises marketing these tradional types of disciplines as group fitness classes. With the successful implementation of these programs, we have found 8 gyms in Dubai that are catering to the needs of the market.


1. Team Nogueira - Al Quoz 3

2. The Champion Club - JLT

3. Aikikai Aikdo - Muhaisnah 2

4. MMA Fitness Centre - Tecom and Discovery Gardens

5. Colosseum Health and Fitness Club - Karama

6. HM Fitness Centre - Al Quoz 1

7. GFX - Business Bay

8. Dubai Karate Centre - Jumeirah 3