7 Ways to Eliminate Fat Forever

21st December 2014

1. Get a move on it: Get your move on, whether its jogging or taking a short walk in the park , moving about is an integral part of our human nature. It not only burns calories but improves blood circulation as well.

2. Don’t forget your legs: Not everyone has a posterior like Kim K (well no one does actually). Working your quads and glutes not only gives you an hourglass figure but also burns a ton of calories.

3. Lift it up: Don’t be shy to lift some weights. Lifting is equally if not more important to achieving a toned body than traditional cardio. Just look at marathon runners and sprinters.You decide which look you would go for.

4. Streeeeetch: Sign up for a yoga or a pilates class, it much more tougher and beneficial than you think. Men and women are realizing the importance  of lengthening the muscles. Stretching is  not only good for your body, but your mind as well.

5. The apple pie or the apple? No need to read another article about brown rice vs white rice. With all the information out there you should have a pretty good idea what needs to go in and what needs to stay out.

6. Snooze time: People always underestimate a good nights rest. It is only when we sleep that our body’s rejuvenate and heals the body as well as the mind.

7. Do not say the word diet: Diet is something temporary just like your high school job. Instead use common sense when negotiating what to gobble down on.