Vegetables vs Fruits

21st December 2014

From the dawn of time, man has been hunting and gathering his way through civilization. We still do it till this day but we call it business.

Yes, with all the complications and complexities of life it comes down to the fruits and vegetables dilemma.

-Are we supposed to be eating vegetables or fruits?

Well when you come to think of it we often crave something sweet, I personally never heard anyone say “Let’s go out for lettuce”

Sure vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals but so are fruits. More than enough of what you need.

The argument is that animals are supposed to eat the plants while humans eat the fruit.

Could that statement be true? Possibly

Let’s say the average diet for men and women is between 1500-2000 calories, if you were just eating vegetables, you got to eat a lot of vegetables to reach the average caloric requirements, or just buy a juicer and drink your vegetables.
Fruits on the other hand never need to be cooked unlike many vegetables.

We crave sweet foods because that our natural instinct. 

Think of it this way, the next time you were in the supermarket and had to make a live or die decision would you choose your favorite fruit or favorite vegetable. WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE?